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Second roleplay icon set for attentaterin. Thank you very much for your support!

This icons are for attentaterin exclusive use. Please don’t take them.

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Art trade with ryuuddls

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I was having trouble designing Mari's allmate for re—volution, but I finally come up with something I like (although I wanted to make him more bara, but I can’t;;;).

His name is Pharaoh and his non virtual form is a doberman (hence the color scheme). He is very protective, territorial and barley speaks, but is good giving advice.

Really inspired in Egyptian culture and the songs Invaders must die and Go crazy.

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I’m on a very tight spot right now and I need to turn up to the good people on the Internet. Despite having a freelance job, my income isn’t even enough to pay my bills, and with my return to classes on January, I need to raise money to pay at least for the dorm. I don’t want to dwell into further details, but things aren’t going exactly well.



  • bust 10€ | half 15€ | full 20€


  • bust 25€ | half  30€ | full 50€


  • cel shade 15€ | soft shade 20€


  • line + tones 1.50€ | color 2

*Icon sets with +10 pieces get a discount

I would really appreciate if you could consider commissioning me, or at least spread the word about my offers. It will a tremendous help and I couldn’t thank you enough.

Interested? More information such as, do/dont’s, ToS, etc. HERE. More examples can be found in my Art Tumblr and DeviantArt. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Commissioned art present for Nikki’s boyfriend. She and her peeps (even her teacher) liked it a lot, I hope her boyfriend to like it too!

Full body sketch commission + complex coloring + extra character.

Commission info ! More info ! Waiting list

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Inktober Day 2 . . October Gore Art Challenge Day 2: Decapitation . . Drawlloween Day 2: Zombies.

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Inktober Day 1 . .October Gore Art Challenge Day 1: Amputation / Limb loss . . Drawlloween Day 1: Spiders.

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This year I decided to join Inktober since I haven’t been drawing traditionally (involving inks on it too) for a really long time. I want to give a try and get better at it. At least a bit.

I will be combining Inktober + October Gore Art Challenge Drawlloween in a single drawing. The themes are really fun too :D

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First roleplay icon set for ruhig-schopferin. Thank you very much for your support!

This icons are for ruhig-schopferin exclusive use. Please don’t take them.

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