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12EUR/15USD Bust Commissions

Hi guys! I would like to ask some help because I’m in need of some extra money in order to pay my thesis and the products related to it which I can not afford right now… o<-<

If you are interested please NOTE me on DeviantArt or send me an email at himitsudollz (at) gmail (dot) com. If not, can you please share this around or reblog? Thank you, it’s really appreciated!

Take a look at my gallery to know what kind of stuff I can draw. Feel free also to browse around my Art blog/Art tagg in Tumblr.

Please include the following information:

  • Your username and e-mail: So we can keep in contact.
  • Character references: Such as images, text, a little bit of personality… Anything that can help me on draw them better.

A few heads up…

I’m actually working on finishing my thesis so I might be slow with the commissions. Please bare with me. I’m always available in my email stated previously and/or my twitter.

I will give you my paypal email once you approve the sketch of your commission. I will NOT work on them until I received your payment.

Do NOT send as a Gift and the commissioner TAKES CHARGE of the fees (normally 1 or 2 EUR/USD)

The images will be send in a A5 size in 150dpi to the commissioner without watermark.

 The usual ToS of my commissions applies for these too.

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