You are hella rad Gamagori!

Lil present for my friend Blackteen, because she is the queen of Gamako.

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Hey 저 정말 바라는 거 없어요 

Haeryeong is my bias <3

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Hey 저 정말 바라는 거 없어요 

Slowly working on this gorgeous ladies! :D

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A Gayoon’s doodle. She has the prettiest smile <3

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The first four commissions I did today at the comicon. Had no more strength to photography the rest - and they where quite a bit… Sorry for the bad photo quality, the comicon building is really dark @__@

It was the first time I drew Homestuck (I’ve never read it) and more KuroBasus that aren’t Aomine or Momoi/////

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Chibi Princess Bubblegum done at class yesterday.

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Next chibi wip.
Oh, I wonder who she is (/// U wU///)

Ice cream ice cream I’ll melt you down like ice cream~

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Commission - Buck by *HimitsuDollz

Commission for DeanDraws
Thank you for commissioning me again!!

Buck is Dean’s awesome superhero! Go check his gallery!

Commission info

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I can’t care about anything but you.

AoMomo is my KnB OTP! I love this two so so so much! Their relationship is cute an hilarious ; w; 

Crappy phone photo because I’m not at home. Color and cool stuff later.

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Commission - Ba (7S) by ~HimitsuDollz

Commission for Sara Cuervo.Thank you!

She asked for one of her 7 characters on her webcomic Seven Souls and I chose Ba. She is awesome, gorgeous and a totally douchebag.

Commission info

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