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The first four commissions I did today at the comicon. Had no more strength to photography the rest - and they where quite a bit… Sorry for the bad photo quality, the comicon building is really dark @__@

It was the first time I drew Homestuck (I’ve never read it) and more KuroBasus that aren’t Aomine or Momoi/////

Commissions are open.

  • I will draw: OCs, fanart, couples, NSFW, BL/GL and nekomimi.
  • I will not draw: requests that will make me feel uncomfortable, hentai or hard sex scenes.
  • Paypal only, sorry.
  • Prices in USDollars
  • All the commissions will be send “.zip” in the commissioner mail with the following specifications:

- 150/300dpi, a TIFF in CMYK (printing format JUST FOR commissioner PERSONAL printing) and a JPG in RGB (screen format))

  • All commissions are used for personal purposes only. This means the art cannot be reproduced to be sold or marketed elsewhere.

  • To commission for marketing/commercial services the price would change.

More info and more commission types and examples, such as postcards, bookmarks and mini animated gifs, visit my deviant art journal HERE

Contact me via DeviantArt, Tumblr askbox or my email: himitsudollz (at) gmail (dot) com

All kinds of signal boost are more than welcome and really appreciated ( i wi)

I can’t care about anything but you.

AoMomo is my KnB OTP! I love this two so so so much! Their relationship is cute an hilarious ; w; 

Crappy phone photo because I’m not at home. Color and cool stuff later.