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what's your favorite Movie/Show to draw? :D

A question by themossman

My favorite movies hare horror/thrillers and I don’t usually draw anything from them but as for shows I love to sketch Adventure Time (spec the genderbender episode (ICE QUEEEEN <3)) and Legend of Korra (for Asami <3)

I’m more of an OC person haha orz

Since I started working on posters for Japan Expo, some peeps messaged me on dA about my “Oh! My Glob" drawing and if it had chances to get printed. Wow! Its almost a year since I drew it!

The first answer was “no”, since the size was too small even for a bookmark (not even saying that it is in 72dpi…). But seeing such an awesome feedback and so many people wanting it to be printed I decided to redo it in poster format! Yay!

Expect a giveaway when I get all dem posters and buttons done!

Royal tree by ~HimitsuDollz

Under the Royal Candy Kingdom tree. Poster for Japan Expo 2012 featuring Prince Gumball and Ice Queen. Soon to be sold online.

Did someone noticed the cute tree above the Candy Kingdom castle? I did! Started coloring it some month ago and I finished yesterday. /shake fist/ Curse you college!!!!11!! Thanks Anvi and Sara for your help!

I’m attending to Japan Expo in Paris this year and this will be one of the posters I will be selling! GumIce poster!!!

This is still a WIP I just doodled now. What do you think about it guys? I made them wear 1700/1800 clothes. I think they suit Ice Queen and PG!

Doodles made at class, because I was bored.

I hate Gumball’s hair… So difficult ; H;

Eugh, I can’t draw today and my iPhone camera sucks

Japan Expo 2012 comic poll!

Hey guys, can you spend a minute answering this poll so I can have a brief idea of what kind of comic I should draw for Japan Expo 2012?

I will be much appreciated if you leave you thoughts also!

Thank you so much!